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Grow Your Email List On Facebook

You’ve built a popular Facebook business page with valuable social media content. Customers are sharing and commenting on your posts. Now’s the time to deepen your relationship with those followers by encouraging them to join your email list.

There are a couple of ways you can invite people to sign up for an email newsletter or promotions on your Facebook business page. Make sure to plan out your content marketing strategy so the content you publish via an email newsletter complements what appears in your Facebook feed--remember your marketing strategy applies to every channel and every tactic you avail.

How To Add a Subscribe Button to Your Facebook Business Page

The first, more customizable way to add an email capture button to your business page is by integrating your email service, such as MailChimp or Constant Contact. All available services have instructions on their sites for how to integrate with your Facebook page.

Once you’ve set up that permission, a customizable “email signup” tab will appear in the left-hand menu of your page. (The tab is only available on the desktop version of Facebook; mobile instructions are below).

You can change the label on the sign-up tab to suit the type of information available to your email subscribers, like “special offers,” or you can use the “email signup” default label. Once the user has clicked on the tab, they’ll be able to fill out a customizable form with question fields of your choice. The form can also display your logo and should explain the value and benefits to any user who signs up.

How to Capture Email on Facebook Mobile

To capture users when on Facebook mobile, you can create a signup form from inside your email service account. The form will be a landing page with its own URL address.

Then, from within your mobile Facebook business page, simply edit the large blue button under your banner photo and from the drop-down menu, choose “contact you” and then “signup.” Next, you will paste in the form’s URL. And voila! Now you can invite users to sign up while they’re scrolling through your page.

How to Excite People to Join Your Email List

Any good post on your page can be a gateway for persuading users to give up their emails in search of more of your quality content.

Offering special promotions and other offers on products via an email newsletter gives something valuable to the user in return for his or her email. For example, new email subscribers receive a 10% discount on first-time orders.

If your business is a subscription service or a class, you can pull nuggets of information from your long-form content to use as “teaser” posts that invite people to read more. Make special information available only to your email subscribers so that users are rewarded for signing up.

If the audience you’re after is well defined and your content marketing goals are clear, then you’ll be able to create strong content that persuades people to click on your email button and sign up for more.

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