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3 Ways to Encourage Powerful Social Proof

Social media marketing is all about creating small and large conversations about your brand. Those mentions can occur organically on review sites, in private Messenger conversations, in Facebook Groups, and on one hundred other sites.

For ideas on how to encourage those conversations, take a look at the samples we’ve gathered for you.

Reviews are the Behemoth of Social Proof

If you’re listening attentively, you’ll be able to scoop up your good reviews for rebroadcasting in your posts and ads. You earned the love, now thank your customer and share it on your channels.

Social Proof in Advertising

Likes, shares, and mentions are all signals that users like your stuff. And they help convince other users that your brand has value and is relevant to them.

So when a post gets likes and shares, get more mileage out of that content by turning it into an ad to target new audiences.

It’s Okay to Ask

If you put shareable, valuable content out there, and people like it, it’s okay to ask that they tag you in their post or to offer a small discount to do so.

No user wants to be your marketing commodity, however, so asking them to share, vote, like, or tag you in a post should be reciprocated as much as possible. Show your followers you value them with a shout-out, thanks, or special content released just to them. It will be appreciated—and give them a reason to talk about you.

Invite people to give testimonials in exchange for a small gift. For example Boom cosmetics invites their customers to share how they use the makeup in their daily or evening routines in self-made video testimonials. Boom gives these customers an official sounding title: Brand Ambassadors.

People who love your stuff will naturally want to contribute. You just need to offer them an easy and enticing way to do it.

TikTok dance challenges are another perfect example like the following from Hollister.

Sharing brand values, style, or vision can excite your brand followers (and their friends) and get them to engage with your content.

And once you hit the sweet spot with relatable, authentic content, strong social proof will follow.

Show the love to get the love—it’s good for business and your brand. And have fun!

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