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3 Tips for Better Facebook Copy

With only 3 lines of text, your social media copy needs to have a big impact!

Three lines of text. That’s all you get on Facebook’s newsfeed and you have to make them count.

While strong images and video in business posts add emotional and visual punch, your captions add information and value.

Those three lines help your audience connect with you, your business, or your product/service.

In 2019, Facebook reduced the number of visible text lines in business posts and ads that appear before the “see more” link. It’s part of a general trend to promote posts from groups and friends.

The three lines of text, or approximately 130 characters, that do appear have to be as powerful as possible.

So how to inform, add value, and include a CTA in three lines? We’ve gathered three examples that make us want to click “see more.”

Example #1

To be persuasive, ZipRecruiter knows it’s three lines of text should be focused on their recruiter audience and that audience’s goals, values, and needs.

ZipRecruiter starts with a CTA: try us for free. The value proposition (“the smartest way to hire”) needs some back-up so a strong credibility statement follows: “4 out of 5 employers...get a quality candidate...within the first day.”

Recruiters get all the information they need, including how long it may take to get results, and the image is eye-catching.

Example #2

The Farmer’s Dog promises satisfaction from serving your dog food that’s fresh and healthy. The photo delivers the emotional punch: your dog looking at you with love. No CTA necessary.

Example #3:

Glossier’s post is an elegant narrative told in three lines. First, the brand elevates its product by associating it with the aesthetics of the Southwest and David Hockney. Second, by association, it suggests the user is also an artist. Third, it places the user in the story by giving her the “tools” to create her own art.

Takeaways for your captions:

  1. Start your message off with a CTA or a question to get folks immediately engaged.

  1. Follow up the actionable statement with the “why” or the value proposition.

  1. Finally, offer some credibility, or evidence, about your product or service.

Need help creating content for your social media? Check out our Social Media Strategy for 2020 blog includes a checklist for creating content or give us a call for our full-service options.

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