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Best 3-Step Holiday Marketing Strategy

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If you want to attract more customers, the holidays are a perfect time to show your spirit, help acquaint your audience with your business, and start a conversation you can maintain well into the new year.

So how do you make the most of the holiday momentum?

We have your ready-to-deploy, holiday marketing strategy for attracting new customers in three steps.


✅ First, understand your audience on social media and beyond. Who do they follow on social media? To which brands are they loyal? What platforms, hashtags, or blogs might they like?

Pay attention to the details. Do your customers find it important to support local businesses with locally-sourced products? Is customer service important or do you have a short window of time to interact with a buyer? Is your ideal audience seeking a customized, high-end experience or do they want a budget option?


✅ Second, decide how you’ll use the holiday season to grow your business.

If you’re looking to expand your customer base, then spending time engaging with your customers and influencers can help you build your following.

If you want to increase sales, especially of higher-end products or services, then you’ll likely need to “warm” your audience with values-based messaging that gets them interested in visiting your web site and learning more about you.

Or, if your business is minimally related to the holidays (say you sell classes or services), then send a holiday message to your customers. Add a discount or offer on future purchases and your season’s greetings will be remembered and appreciated.


✅ Third, Make a plan to “touch” potential customers many times between now and the end of the year. Start to warm up those audiences unfamiliar with your business, level up your messaging with an offer or free consultation, and drive traffic to your website. At every step, delight your audience.

Whew, with all that work behind you, you’ll be closing out 2019 successfully. Keep up the good work and if you need further inspiration, check out our “Your Back-of-the-Napkin Marketing Plan” for more on planning achievable goals for 2020.

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