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Zen Guide to Marketing Platform Perplexity

As marketers, there are quirks and inconveniences to the technology we’re all familiar with. Who hasn’t pulled out a few hairs trying to set a monthly campaign budget in Google Ads (you can only set a daily budget).

While digital marketing platforms are necessary to help reach potential customers, they can be clunky and cumbersome. We’re sharing some of the most inconvenient martech snarls we’ve encountered and hints for getting past them.

Inconvenience #1: No one sees your brand’s Facebook posts.

Hint: Create good content, then promote it. Ask customers, friends and colleagues to like and share it. Or, roll a post into an engagement ad.

Inconvenience #2: Most platforms have quirks and non-intuitive steps built into their interfaces that can make building and promoting your company profile complicated. Google My Business, simple as it may appear, has plenty of extra steps, including taking 2 weeks or longer to publish your profile photos.

Hint: Call support to get your photos published within 48 hours.

Inconvenience #3: Some platforms appear open to anyone but are in fact closed and tightly controlled. For the home industry, for example, getting your profile noticed on Houzz is tough without dropping some ad dollars. Same for real estate agents who want to promote themselves on Zillow.

Hint: On Houzz, document a recent, well photographed job and submit to the platform’s editorial team or ask people to comment on your idea books.

Hint: On Zillow, beef up your profile by getting as many testimonials from clients as possible. The objective here is to stand out for your care, customer service and results, not necessarily by being the first realtor listed in your area.

Inconvenience #4: There is no-set-it-and-forget-it with social media. Regular, engaging content will keep your followers interested. But generating all that content takes time and creativity.

Hint: Create an editorial calendar of relevant seasonal, holiday, or educational themes so you can anticipate what your social media content will be about. Review engagement data and repurpose successful content for other platforms.

Finally, accept the fact that you might need extra help. It’s essential to arm yourself with patience—and time—when executing the hundreds of little details inherent in promoting your business. If you can’t see it through, ask for help. Hiring a marketing team can free you up in the short term and spur results over time.

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