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The Better Approach to Quality Leads

Lots of lead generation advice recommends flooding social media channels with content, infographics, and creative videos. The more you put out there, the higher your web traffic and the better your chances of generating leads.

And this works.

But you need hours of time, audience knowledge, and a foundational strategy. Plus, consumers are savvy and protective of their time. Don’t be a noob and offer bad content.

You have to be thoughtful. Which means

Make your content compelling.

In lots of marketing messages, a thoughtfulness quotient is often missing. An initial email, for example, doesn’t even say what the product or service is or why it will help us. If we’ve taken the time to open the email, please give us at least a detailed description of what you’re peddling. Scanty details don’t motivate us.

Or maybe, after visiting a website, we’ve received an automatic invitation to make a consultation with an expert. They’re telling us to take the next step towards a sale while we feel like the conversation hasn’t even started. Without a key indicator of our interest (for example, clicking through to a webinar and listening to the entire recording) the marketer is asking for more of our trust. Applying pressure to move forward isn’t appealing.

Don’t we all like to have a conversation where we’re respected and we get to learn something? Don’t we love it when we’re talking to someone we respect, who can give us thoughtful advice?

Is your marketing like that?

Every marketing message can be interesting, explanatory, and valuable. We should be racing each other to get to the top of the information peak, not trying to slide down faster than anyone else by shortcutting the reader’s experience.

Here’s what we Socialistas love in a marketing message:

  • Meaningful information--give me context!

  • Delightful copy that’s organized and well written.

  • Strong messages that highlight the benefits we’ll get from the product or service.

And the other important item that flood-of-content advice leaves out? Getting your audience right. You have to know who you’re talking to and the issues important to them, their pain points, and needs (it’s a lot like hosting your own marketing dinner party).

Once you know who you’re talking to and how to talk to them, the rest is about choosing the best platforms and channels for getting your point across.

So cut the noise and say what matters. Nurture your prospects. Give them something to take away with them, even enjoy. You’ll be creating an audience receptive to more of your messages and, further down the chain, to becoming your customers.

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