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What to Say When Your Boss Asks You Why You Can’t Manage the Company’s Social Media by Yourself

Reason #1: Social Media is marketing, sales, customer service, research, and the list goes on. It’s customer relations too, because your current customers use social media to ask questions about the products or services they have purchased. It’s the traditional call center and advertising billboard in one. Attention must be paid--so give someone else the job of focusing on those micro-interactions. (And by the way, automatic response tools may have their place, but people know when they’re being spoken to by a bot).

Reason #2: Creating regular, strategic content is time consuming. You could come up with an editorial calendar and write daily posts (and blogs and emails…) plus create the images to go with them, but that might mean up to 10-20 hours of one month’s work and that’s a lot of time. You need to keep your mind on the higher branding and marketing work. Let someone else manage the details.

Reason #3: Most marketing departments have a social media expert. The outdated work model suggests one marketing person should have expertise in strategy, advertising, copywriting, design, data analytics, tech, and social media. The reality is social media has become an expertise all its own, and growth-focused companies recognize it as such.

Help your boss understand how important social media is to brand visibility, customer acquisition, and customer relations. You can’t afford to let days and weeks go by when you’re not posting to followers or answering a query. These are little nuggets of opportunity to make an impression, and impressions add up. Together, it’s a weighty source of brand value you can’t afford to ignore.

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