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How To Reach People on Facebook Who Distrust Ads

Common marketing practice says Facebook is the social media platform advertisers can’t do without. In the 3rd quarter of 2018, the platform had 2.3 billion monthly users worldwide.

But such a volume of users hides the fact that not everyone is interested in looking at ads or may actively distrust them. “Today the control has moved to the customers. The customers are the marketing department,” said Mark Schaefer, author of “Marketing Rebellion.” People are buying based on word-of-mouth or recommendations from friends on social media, he says. Trust in advertising is at a 10-year low.

So how can you use Facebook to market your business, especially as Facebook has tightened the reins on its advertising?

1. Fostering a sense of community around your brand is now an essential marketing tool. Facebook is a useful community channel. It’s on Facebook that you can find groups for every kind of problem, challenge, sport, hobby, or vocation.

Start a group focused on a problem your business can help solve. Investing time and money in growing a Facebook group can unearth important audience research: you can start to see the microcosm of interests and needs your business can address and hence grow customers.

A hair stylist who also sells organic coloring products, for example, could start a group for people with allergies or sensitivities to hair products and provide information on why mainstream ingredients may cause reactions.

2. Promote an event. In-person events are ideal for developing a sense of community identity. Make it an open house, a tasting, or a sample of your service. Then share the event on social media. Plus, users who share or comment on an event can later be served a message or offer from your business.

3. Create a Facebook live event. A discussion, how-to, or Q&A is a virtual “meet and mingle” for your followers or group members and can attract new customers.

4. Highlight a testimonial or client success. Someone who doesn’t like to be bombarded by ads may nevertheless appreciate a testimonial from a customer. Even more ideal: a satisfied customer tags you in their own post raving about their experience with your business. Now you’ve got a piece of content generated by a user--trusted currency in the social media universe.

Although potential customers appear more accessible than ever, advertising on the noisy social media platforms where they congregate requires creativity and ingenuity. It’s important to grow communities where you can offer products or services that naturally serve their needs and problems.

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