• Mia Georgiu

5 Creative Tips For Client Testimonials

Client testimonials are all-important currency in the health and wellness industry. Client comments that reflect belief and trust in your work open doors to more business. Make it a practice to actively ask for—and record—positive testimonials. Here are five ways to encourage more reviews:

  1. Write it down! We tend to put a lot of pressure on the person giving the testimonial. Whenever a customer gives you a spontaneous compliment in person or via e-mail, thank him or her, and say you want to write it down to remember the kind thought. Then, ask if you can use their comment as a testimonial in your marketing.

  2. Build it into your practice. As you are set to accept payment after a treatment or service with your client, ask them for a testimonial. Why ask them before their experience is complete? Once you let a client walk out the door, it may be hard to get back in touch with them. Out of sight, out of mind.

  3. Utilize social media. If you have an active social media page, you’re probably receiving nice comments from your clients or customers, and even some followers who like your posts. These count too! Take a screenshot of the comments, and use those in your marketing (maybe even your email signature—there’s another tip!).

  4. Record a video of a conversation with your client. After a session with your client—one that went particularly well—ask if you can record a quick testimonial with your phone. The spontaneity of the request works better than scheduling a time to video their testimonial. People will often shy away from the idea of a video if they know in advance.

  5. Offer an incentive. Depending on what type of business you run, you can offer a coupon, discount on services, or even a free cup of coffee. There are many automated incentive programs you can use—or stick to plain ol’ email.

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