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Facebook Ad Checklist--Part 1

If you had just moved into a new house, would you rush to invite people over before you had somewhere to sit? Wouldn’t you get a couch in first?

Similarly with your Facebook ad campaign. It’s natural to want people to come over right away and buy your stuff or your service, but have you moved the couch in, or the dining room table and chairs; is the proverbial welcome mat outside your front door?

In other words, have you created an engaging and welcoming experience for your potential customer on your website; have you clearly identified the problems you can solve; and have you added empathetic language and described your own expertise, all the while focusing on what you can do for the customer?

Same with your Facebook posts, your tweets, your Instagram: do they show care and expertise?

In fact the more welcoming your marketing--the more engaging and careful the collateral--the better impression you’ll make. And still, it will take time.

Here’s why: you’re working against inertia--the disinclination of customers to change their habits. You’re also bound by timing (is the customer ready to solve his or her problem?), targeting (understanding your audience), and price.

By taking care of the customer throughout their journey--from first impression to interest, then engagement, and, finally, purchase--you’re furnishing yourself for success. And customers trust brands that focus on customers’ concerns.

Next week on the blog we’ll list what to talk about in your social posts and the 3-point conversion funnel that no landing page can do without.

Here’s to successful social advertising. You’re on your way!

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