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New Year, New Approach

As we think about the fresh promise of a new year, it’s fun to envision new starts and big plans.

For many businesses, the new year often signifies a focus on growth. But sometimes a focus on the bottom line doesn’t help us grow—in relationships, readiness, or even revenue.

We’re developing a fresh approach to help our clients engage with customers. The idea is to help our clients show support and care—and delight!—towards those they want to reach.

When thinking about your 2019 growth plans, will you advertise with the goal of getting something? Or giving something?

We like the idea of giving. It feels good and builds trust.

You may be thinking, “You want me to GIVE away my products and services? You’re crazy!”

No, we don’t want you to give away for free what you work so hard to produce.

We want you to give the best of yourself. We’re suggesting that with each possible contact with a customer, you show a thoughtful reflection of their problem and how your solution solves that problem; that you build your website so that it’s welcoming, easy to read, and navigable; and invest in illustrative and beautiful photos so your clients can visualize what they’re purchasing.

This year, one of our 2019 plans is to give you a behind-the-scenes look at how to:

  • give to your customers so that they give back to you;

  • use the language of your customers so they speak to you; and

  • show care, concern, and compassion for your clients’ problems so that they trust your business.

So often a business owner has serious decisions to make. How do I want to grow my business? Should I increase my margins —and charge more—or my volume, and charge less? If I try a new audience, will I lose on profits to be gained elsewhere?

What if the questions were framed, instead, as: How can I help people more through my products? What can I offer that will give them satisfaction, relief, health, or a better life?

What would give you, the business owner, greater satisfaction with the way you perceive, and operate, your business?

Wishing you a new year filled with caring, passion, inspiration, and your best year in business yet.

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