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Try to get better every day.—Nadia Comăneci

We actually edited this quote down to this universal truism—to become a champion athlete requires you to get better every day. Almost no one represents this better than five-time Olympic gold medalist Nadia Comăneci, the first gymnast to win a perfect score of 10. And what’s true about sports is often true about business (except the muscle conditioning).

Trying to get better every day: that’s what drives people to work so hard to make a business, an art, or a performance a success.

Many tout “passion” as the particular asset of successful geniuses. “Trying to get better” is the arena of the average person. Yet making that effort every day—to improve services, work flows, customer response times, project management, you name it—requires focus and diligence and….heart.

Heart because you have to believe you can learn what you don’t know, and improve on what you do.

Getting better to us means making our clients’ businesses shine with compelling websites, creative campaigns, and delightful communications. Because that’s how we can do better than other agencies.

In our opinion, “getting better” is quite sufficient fuel for the fire. Call it passion if you like.

It may take a while for people to notice. For our reputation to grow; for our relationships to strengthen. But as long as the road to mastery is open, we’ll keep chugging.

Won’t you?

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