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Hey Customer! My Website is Over Here

You’ve got a new headshot, about page, and your first blog is published:

Your shiny new website is complete - bravo!

But where are your visitors? Why aren’t you receiving messages through your contact form? It’s crickets on the sales page.

While it feels good to be done with your website, it’s now the beginning of your marketing work, not the end.

Don’t worry, we’ve got your easy-peasy, three-step solution.

#1 SEO - it’s all about keywords.

Get into the mind of your customers. What are their interests and pain points? How would they talk about those interests and pain points?

Build a list of keywords from that exercise. The best keywords are easily remembered — and easily spelled!

Next, see how those keywords are trending in Google’s keyword planner. How many people are searching for your keywords? Take the top-trending keywords and collect them into a nice spreadsheet. Then...

#2 Content Marketing - take those keywords and build your content.

So you have your keywords, now what? This is where you take your research and apply it to a human-centered approach. You want to speak to real people. Add the keywords to the interests and pain points you’ve uncovered during your research and help people understand how you, or your products, can help.

Describe what you love about helping customers in blogs, social media posts, and anywhere else on your website.

Happen to sell beautiful socks? Create a 10-second video with a foot model trying on the socks. Caption it with some witty copy about how important socks are to building your personal style. Bingo! You have fresh content for your site visitors and Google will reward you for it.

There’s just one final step...

#3 Tell people about it!

How do you tell if a tree falls in the forest if no one is there to hear it? The answer is that no one knows because no one ever heard about it.

You have an amazing product or service. You’ve poured your heart and soul into your business. Now you must tell people about it.

There are hundreds - thousands - of other businesses competing in the marketplace. People will not find you unless you spend time marketing your business.

Write a blog, build an email list, go to networking events, actively post and engage on social media, invest in ongoing advertising.

Attracting visitors to your website is an ongoing process, so your work is not done after a few visitors show up. Continue to promote your business and get the word out.

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