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Your Back-of-the-Napkin Marketing Plan

You’re doing everything you can to grow your business. Hustling here; hustling there; hustling everywhere. With all the hours you’re putting in you’re sure to increase your sales, right?

Take a breath.

It’s time to take a step back and set some goals. Putting those goals into actionable steps means you’re on your way to a marketing plan. If adding one more task to your to-do list sounds daunting, follow our simple process for a six-month marketing blueprint.

1. Determine specific goals. If it’s more customers, how many customers? More sales? How many? If it’s your first client, who?

Map out 2 to 3 simple growth goals that you will work toward achieving in the next 6 months. Keep it simple, and achievable.

2. Create your brand statement. Let’s say you are starting your business as a financial services provider. Write out your brand’s value statement—start by collecting words that reflect your values. Using those themes, tell your potential clients what you’re all about.

Note: Stay away from “I” statements. Focus on your customers’ needs.

3. Create a value customer proposition.

You’ve circulated an ad and...you’re hearing crickets. It doesn’t mean people aren’t looking. They just don’t know about you. Or they don’t know how your services would be useful to them.

Build awareness. Offer information and educate potential customers about the circumstances that may require your work. Present testimonials from people who have benefited from your services.

What’s next?

Track your performance, and adjust your plan. If you want people to fill out a form on your website and set up a consultation, you may want to first connect with them via an engagement ad, then retarget them with a different message. It may be that the first ad is successful and provides you the leads you need; at this point you can stop your ad spend.

Still feel overwhelmed? You may need more support and a marketing agency can provide you with the strategy and the collateral to land those first clients.

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