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Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Gratitude is the original mood enhancer. We all remember those times when someone did something unexpected and helpful for us and we felt an upsurge of gratitude--a mixture of affection and, paradoxically, humility at the thought that we were worth their time and consideration. It’s humility—gratitude’s key ingredient—that affects us like a tonic. Humility helps us surrender, makes us aware of the part we play in the whole, and frees us to love others.

Gratitude helps us see what matters. When we reflect on what we have, and those who give meaning to our lives, we see more clearly what’s important. Once gratitude has settled in, clarity is at the door, ready to come in. Clarity helps us prioritize—we ignore what’s shallow and temporal and focus on what’s necessary and valuable.

Gratitude brings us all closer together. When we’re clear and open, we are able to give friendship and love to others. Naturally, that giving returns the same to us, tenfold.

During this special holiday season, we at Socialista Marketing wish you all the gifts of gratitude. May it give you clarity, delight in others, and a renewed love of life.

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