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Influencer Marketing for the Holidays

Holiday influencer marketing

The holiday marketing whirlwind has started and rather than let you haphazardly add santa emojis 🤶🏽to your boosted Facebook posts and call it a day, we’re here to give you some sound advice.

Embrace Instagram Influencers, Mommybloggers, and Thought Leaders for Your Holiday Advertising

Put your holiday advertising in the hands of people who already have the reach and relevance with a niche audience. We’re speaking of mommybloggers, thought leaders, fashionistas, gamers, beauty icons, foodies, hikers, and every other category of influencer who have a following and work hard to feed that following good information.

These influencers are on the lookout for the best holiday gifts for their gift guides. They want to outdo every other influencer in their category with unique, wonderful products or services to introduce to their followers. And that’s why now’s the time to start pitching—just in time for the gale-force winds of Black Friday and Cyber Monday advertising—and spread your message far and wide.

With the rise of the mega influencer, many think the Michelle Phams and Kim Kardashians are the only options for success. In reality, it’s about connecting the right influencer—even the micro influencer that resonates well with your customers—to your niche market. If you sell Himalayan bath salts and you know they’re good for leg cramps, then pitch the hiking enthusiast. If you offer wreath-making classes and a parent can share the experience with her kids, then pitch your local mommyblogger.

Local influencers may have 5,000-20,000 followers. A bigger name could have millions. But whoever you work with should have a distinguishable “voice” that relates well to your customers. You should also create a message (and photo) they can redistribute quickly, perhaps with a few comments of their own.

Want to get started but need a little push? Socialista is offering customized holiday influencer marketing packages—we create the messaging, then distribute your pitch to a list of influencers vetted just for you. Pricing starts at just $300 per pitch package (including distribution). We’ll work directly with you to create an ideal pitch. Contact us today!

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