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The Scary, Empty Facebook Page

Once there was an old, unused Facebook business page. Not a happy face emoji, photo or update had appeared in its news feed for many months. The wind whistled through the empty pixels where testimonials of satisfied customers should have appeared. Cobwebs furred the “about” section. All was quiet and gloomy.

When Facebook users clicked to the page--in search of more information on a service or product they needed--they were filled with dread. Instead of lively videos, there were echoing, empty libraries of content and long-dead links. It was a Facebook graveyard

A courageous, resourceful marketer, however, was determined to wake the old business page up. She wrote an editorial calendar of copy--celebratory posts, milestone announcements, new business news--and submitted it to the business owner, who liked the calendar a lot. Accompanying photos were found and edited. The colorful posts were published. Followers who were thought long gone, reawakened. They emerged from far and near and began to ask, “do you still accept Thursday appointments?” or “when will you have it in fuschia again?”

Little did the marketer know, however, that a dark shadow lurked within the Facebook page. Beneath the cheery posts and automated Messenger chats welcoming users, there was a spirit of disruption and chaos. This spirit emanated from the disorganized, unsticky website linked to the Facebook page. It waited, ready to bore visitors to tears with its unfocused content and brand jargon. A website that was uninviting and did not touch customers’ needs...a joyless, tragic website.

The marketer fought bravely with the website. A darkness of poor planning covered everything. She attempted to turn things around with a banner headline and engaging content. Using Google Analytics, she unlocked the data monster from within and tamed the site with SEO, call-to-actions, and great UX.

The moral of this story? Don’t get spooked by a half-done marketing effort. Put your business in the hands of people who know what to do--and then do it.

Happy Halloween from Socialista Marketing!

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