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Use Empathy to Enhance Your Website

The best websites are dynamic, interactive reflections of their customers’ experience, pain points, needs, and desires.

To make your website engaging, respond to questions, offer pertinent information, assuage concerns, and speak authentically to your customers so it’s clear you understand and care about them.

Sounds good, right? But, how?

Think of your website as a map. Design your website to follow your customer’s journey from introduction to exploration to purchase. Create an “empathy map,” which is marketing speak for how, where, and when you can fulfill a need or optimize their buying experience.

An empathy map tracks a customer’s entire experience, from what they aspire to or worry about, to common messages they see or hear from friends or the media, to how the customer may want to be seen in his or public life.

How your website addresses your customer’s values and needs--including images and actionable steps--should be guided by your empathy map. Matching aspirations, commiserating about worries, resolving needs--these are all ways to contextualize your business proposition. And persuade.

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