• Mia Georgiu

Which Social Media Platform is Best for my Business?

With more than 3 billion people using one of the top social media sites on a regular basis, businesses understand the importance of having a presence on social media. And, with this membership, comes information about user behavior (like types of content they share or watch) plus demographic data like age, location, employment, and the like. It’s a lot of information.

So on which social media platform can you find and engage with your customers?

We’ve done our research and saved you a few steps. We’ve compiled information from a few studies to create a snapshot of where you’re most likely to reach your audience.

  1. Gen Z: Teens like Snapchat! Active Snapchat users open the app an average of 25 times a day.

  2. Millennials: According to Pinterest, 80% of Millennials say that Pinterest “helps me find things I want to buy.” Facebook is the platform where Millennials are most likely to share content.

  3. Generation X: This group behaves similarly to Millennials on Facebook and is also most likely to share content here. The majority of LinkedIn users are from this generation.

  4. Baby Boomers: Boomers spend more time online than watching TV.

  5. Men: YouTube is the best platform to reach a male audience.

  6. Women: 66% of women ages 25-54 are active on Pinterest

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