• Mia Georgiu

Marketing Strategy as a Puzzle

Marketing strategists think in a way that is part human psychology observer and part puzzle master. We like to figure out what influences people, then create a content chain that interests and persuades them.

As a marketing strategist, I’m fascinated with how a conversation with a potential customer gets started, how it can be guided so it unfolds effortlessly, and how a transaction can then ignite a new and different type of relationship.

Clients come to us looking for more customers. But the first step is not necessarily, “put out an ad and customers will come.” Strategy depends on the industry, and the current status of the business. The initial plan may be to build engagement with a client’s brand and services so that people understand what they’re getting. It may mean providing information-as-value so that people start to read a client’s blogs and share their content. Or it may mean making your website more coherent and effective so that advertising relates to, and extends, the website’s offer.

Meanwhile, all plans are informed by creatively thinking about the client relationship with the brand’s customers. Brand values, tone, the style and color of photos, what we suggest as the “story,” are all important parts of the marketing whole.

What I love is creating an initial map of interactions between a brand and its potential customers, then building on the momentum as those interactions occur. Each communication and transaction brings the customer and the business closer together.

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