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Steph Curry’s unique blend of positivity and passion is showing itself once again. This time Curry’s taking a stand.

In Curry’s first-person op-ed, he talks about pay equity and opportunities for women--and how the topic is top of mind for Curry who has two daughters and a newborn son.

I’d hazard to say that the passion behind it is real--Curry hosted a basketball camp for girls this year and the piece reports real impressions of the girls’ hard work and their questions about how to succeed. Also it delivers just enough personality to give sports fans a kick.

It’s also a smart branding move since it’s an eloquent reflection of Curry’s principles. And when we see someone take a stand--even if it’s counter to our own values--we believe that person is authentic. Authenticity, in this age of digital anonymity and fake news is enormously important. Brands, and people, who have an authentic story to relate, gain a lot of trust from their customers or fans. Trust equals influence. What an authentic brand manufactures or provides is more valuable than what is produced by a brand that does not have such regard.

But does that mean we need to rush out to take an ethical or controversial stance on something? No. Take a look inside. Everyone has something that moves them, or that they believe is their best, most honest truth. That story is the one you want to evolve and share with others.

I’m not a basketball enthusiast, but I have to admit that Curry’s story moved me a couple of heartbeats closer to joining his legions of fans. I appreciate that he went as far as he did in moving the conversation forward on equality of opportunity. You may even catch me watching the Warriors next spring.

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