• Mia Georgiu

Customers don’t just show up at your door; you need to invite them.

Attracting customers is a lot like having a dinner party. (Yes, it is!!)

Just like a dinner party, your marketing should speak to people who are “just right” for your business and include an offer that appeals to them. Who would be interested in your service and who would pay for your service are important considerations. A good marketing “invitation” will also be fun and creative to attract the attention of your potential customers. Your recipe for a successful dinner party begins with:

Invite the right people.

Here’s where you need to know who would fit in at your dinner party. You probably wouldn’t invite your boss and your college frat brother to the same dinner, so don’t try to connect to everyone possible with the same marketing message, or offer. Research your ideal audience and speak directly to their needs and pain points. Create a message that helps ease their pain and provides solutions for their needs. This knowledge about your prospective customer is the key to having a table full of happy guests.

Host a fun party.

Understanding your guests’ preferences is essential to success. Are you inviting parents from your kid's school? Keep it low key with some wine and appetizers. Save the EDM for another time. Use colors, tone, and images that will appeal directly to your target audience. Highlight cost or a particular product feature — key points that will resonate with your customer. An exciting message, or offer, tailored to your “guests” will increase the likelihood of a positive RSVP.

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