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New Starts, New Stories

Back to school means fresh starts. New clothes, a new backpack, and for some, a new "you." Going to a new school gives kids the opportunity to reinvent themselves and tell a new story.

That’s how it was for me in seventh grade. I arrived at my new school determined to shuck the left-behind, late bloomer self I had been at my old school (I still remember the day it dawned on me--in sixth grade--that red knee highs-and-sandals was the clothing choice of an A-1 nerd ). I can’t say my new school image was successful--the argyle sweater vest-choice, it turned out, was a creative dead-end--but I do remember the feeling of freedom and exploration during those first few seventh grade months.

In the spirit of new beginnings--and new stories--we at Socialista are making a renewed commitment to telling our story. After all, we spend all day, every day, telling our clients' stories. But what about us? What makes us tick, gets our blood pumping, what and how and why do we do the work we do?

During this time of new backpacks, sneakers, and pencils, we're committing to social media every day, and blogging every week. We promise to be creative, inspiring, honest, and...persistent.

Meanwhile, celebrate what’s new with you! Perhaps you have business or entrepreneurial goals in the hopper, and you’re looking for some inspiration. Jump on the bus! We’re here to collaborate with fellow small business creators, service-providers bold enough to believe in their value, creative entrepreneurs with an artistic style all their own, or creators with entrepreneurial flair. Talk to us on social media (here and here) or on the blog--we’ll be speaking to you about marketing strategy, business growth, successful case studies, and more.

Here’s to reinvention!

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