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Social Media Value of the Day: Trust

Here’s Socialista’s affirmation of the day: trust builds success. Social marketing wisdom is: you build relationships, you garner trust, and people will embrace your business. As a social media service, our opportunity is to build genuine relationships within the messaging universe. Facebook may be an infinite feedloop of snippets and jokes and Trump videos but it also has unlimited potential to help people connect with each other on an emotional level.

The challenge is, how does one cut through the noise?

By using the blade of authenticity. By unveiling your philosophy, your passion for your business and your experience in maturing it, you engage people in your story. The people who need your service are going to believe in your goodwill. And when the time is right, they’ll reach out.

That’s why we love working with small business people. They each have an authentic story to tell, not a scrubbed, corporate-speak, public relations paper. We get to delve into their stories and describe what they do best.

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