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Content Matters

Good content is smart, and friendly. It’s investigative. It pierces whatever veil is hiding the true process or ingredients or company philosophy from the consumer and makes it easy to understand. Good content doesn’t make the reader guess what the meaning is: it gives the reader clarity, even revelation.

For Socialista client Financial Harmony Tax Resolution, we place Facebook content that zeros-in on people who need IRS help. There are approximately 15 million people in trouble with the IRS so catching customers should be a shoo-in, right?

Even people with the IRS breathing down their necks are slow to convert into customers. It’s only by staying top of mind--with targeted messaging and SEO that tracks where or who may be having conversations about taxes--that Financial Tax Harmony can keep influencing a buyer’s decision.

Fortunately Financial Harmony has strong client testimonials and a simple philosophy: to help clients get their lives back. Such positive messaging, with persistence, is a good recipe for SM success.

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