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10 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Facebook Business Page

Updated: May 28, 2020

There are more active users on Facebook than ever before. Are you leveraging all the platform’s features in order to be as visible, engaging, and creative as possible?

First, let’s consider what’s necessary to build a page that successfully grows followers: engaging content.

But before you get to writing captions and designing stop-the-scroll images, be sure your page provides a quality experience for your ideal audience. Based on information from Facebook, we’ve compiled 10 tips to help you utilize all of Facebook’s features—and build value on the platform.

Tip #1: Facebook gets what Facebook wants (and that’s okay!)

Facebook wants to keep its users on the platform. The social media giant has developed a suite of features to keep you on the platform as long as possible. You can communicate with people directly (Messenger), convene with a group of like-minded individuals (Groups) create live videos (Facebook Live), sell your products (Marketplace), or make a donation to your favorite changemaker (Donate).

Facebook values users who keep other users liking, sharing, caring (how do you feel about the new caring emoji?), watching, buying, and commenting. So, there’s no reason to fight it—keep the conversation going on Facebook the majority of the time and utilize all the tools you can. Save that link to your landing page when it’s time to make your ask.

Tip #2: Enable shopping right from your page

Set up a Shop from your page so people can peruse your catalog, ask questions, and buy your items right on the platform. Showcase your products in Stories and Posts from your page, and in Ads to give your Shop greater visibility.

Tip #3: It’s time to get customer service right

Facebook isn’t only good for outbound marketing. Engage with people in a more personal way by building a Messenger strategy. Use Messenger to offer special discounts, remind people of events linked to your page, and share special videos or other files your fans will find valuable. Build out a great auto-response for when you can’t be responsive (like when you’re watching the latest episode of Tiger King or, um, sleeping).

Tip #4: We’re all teachers right now, so don’t be afraid of video

Giving followers access to special content, such as a valuable webinar or live video, is a way to thank them for their loyalty and encourage them to come back to your page.

You can add the webinar to your “Offers” tab on your page or create an event promoting the webinar to your followers. Then, release the webinar via Facebook Live.

Tip #5: Engage creatively with visitors

Increase the visibility of your brand with a custom photo frame your fans can add to their profiles. Frames are available to users by clicking on their profile thumbnail photos and choosing the “frames” menu. You can create a custom, branded frame in Facebook’s Frame Studio).

Tip #6: Grow your email list from Facebook

Using the “Facebook opt-in” within your email service provider, you can add a customizable button to your Facebook business page that allows users to click through to a sign-up form. Be sure to add an appealing name to your email button, like “VIP Offers” or “Bonus Info.”

Tip #7: Collect reviews of your page

Include a tab on your page for reviews to make it easy for users to review or recommend your page. Only recommendations shared publicly on the platform can contribute to the page’s overall rating, visible at the top of the review page.

Ask customers to leave reviews after they have completed a purchase or if they’ve tagged your business in a positive comment about the services they’ve received. (We’ve got more on how and when to ask.) Explain in the message why the review is important and how much you appreciate it.

Tip #8: Tag and share information about your business allies

Building a network of allied businesses and sharing their posts in your newsfeed, and vice versa, can help increase traffic to all pages. For example, business pages can tag each other in photos or videos, provided that the “tagging ability” permission is turned on in the page’s settings. The nice thing about tagging another business is that your image or video will show up in their newsfeed.

Tip #9: Utilize ads

Using popular posts as an ad can help strong material get greater reach. The post can be used to reach new audiences, for brand impressions, or to create conversions (for example, send them to your blog or a landing page).

Tip #10: Add a fundraiser to your nonprofit page

This is a perfect way to raise funds through your network of friends and supporters. You can add a fundraiser by choosing the option from your left-hand sidebar .

As the largest online network on the planet, Facebook Fundraisers are a powerful peer-to-peer fundraising platform that can make sharing your campaign simple.

Plan and Execute

Effective business pages are a side gig of their own: they require time and attention. The goal is to show you’re actively creating good content and thereby increase your chances of getting in front of more users.

It may not happen in the short term, but your efforts will pay off when a piece of content gets an unexpected upswing in traffic to your website, new customers turn into fans, or your reviews contribute to your searchability.

Lastly, don’t work in a vacuum. Facebook should be part of a larger marketing strategy, so all of your efforts work towards your goals.

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