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Grow your customers and build your business in 2019

January is the season of renewal. People are thinking about improving their health and overall wellness. Now is the time to boost your marketing efforts and reach potential clients.


Our meticulously crafted marketing plans not only cover the fundamentals (like reaching new customers) but build your business’s reputation and visibility on social media for greater brand value over time.


Social Media Advertising & Landing Page (starts at $500):

  • A landing page audit and fresh content—including 3 key tactics designed to educate, inspire and activate viewers into customers

  • Original Facebook and Instagram ads to engage customers; includes free audience profile

  • Fresh images for a consistent look on Instagram and Facebook


Organic Social Media Package (starts at $300):

  • Charismatic posts that educate your clients and build a following

  • Celebrate your customer’s successes through testimonials and profiles

  • Original content calendar


Customer Focused SEO Content (starts at $300)

  • Engaging blogs that educate your clients and build your organic search rankings over time

  • Blog content includes SEO-researched keywords, title descriptions to improve page searchability, plus internal links to other pages for greater engagement

Additional Services (starting at $300) include:

  • An individualized email campaign to announce a new offer and increase sales to clients

  • Website rewrite of key pages plus actionable buttons

  • Google ads

  • SEO website optimization


This package is for you if

  • You have an established brand already, OR you are launch-ready


If you are not at that stage, then we can create the foundation to help you gear up for strategic marketing in 2019 and beyond.


For growth, every business needs a well-designed marketing plan. We’ve done the thinking for you. Now it’s time to take action!


Book a complimentary call today to talk about your goals and get the business insights you need for a winning 2019!