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communicating value

Community Bank of the Bay wanted to restart their marketing after a few years of sporadic effort. Our strategy was to highlight CBB’s strong community connections and values through content marketing and advertising via social media, Google ads, and website content.

What are the objectives?


Community Bank of the Bay wanted to restart their marketing after a few years of sporadic effort. Working in partnership with the bank’s marketing director, we helped craft the organization’s content marketing and digital advertising strategy; defined the look and feel of its messaging; and produced content for ads, the bank’s social media and email channels, and its website.


As a Community Development Financial Institution, the bank’s mission to offer economic access to lower income entrepreneurs defined their vision of local banking. Socialista helped create meaningful communications that highlighted those mission and values, the bank’s diverse range of business and nonprofit clients, and its partnership with a broad network of civic organizations. 


Socialista provided content marketing strategy and support in three areas:

Social media content and advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn targeted potential businesses and depositors by communicating bank values and emphasis on personalized service.


Solution: Crafted a social media and advertising strategy that...

Results, 4th quarter of 2019:
  • Website Visits: 266

  • Impressions: 160,000

  • Cost-Per-Click: $2.48



CBBCaseStudySlides_060320 (4)
CBBCaseStudySlides_060320 (4)

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CBBCaseStudySlides_060320 (5)

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CBBCaseStudySlides_060320 (4)

Google search and display network ads targeted potential customers in specific zip codes.

Results: Monthly page visitors from 2019 to 2020: 2X increase in new website visitors, from 1.7K to 2.7K

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Website content and SEO helped to improve the customer experience and add important bank communications in an integrated manner.
In the example, right, special "spotlight" pages were devoted to showing customized loan options, relationship building, and client satisfaction.

 ex: Amato, HL, 
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